Marzoli : 4 interconnected technology areas

4 interconnected technology areas

CMX, the unique 10-head combing system (Source: Marzoli)
CMX, the unique 10-head combing system (Source: Marzoli)

During the last 10 years Marzoli has been concentrating its efforts on research and innovation in order to develop an exclusive textile engineering concept that now consists of 4 distinct, interconnected, and complementary technological areas: Spinning technology, Digital textile, Nonwoven solutions and Circular technologies.
Spinning technology
Marzoli is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe of complete lines for opening, preparing and spinning natural, synthetic and technical fibers.
At ITM in Istanbul/Turkey, Marzoli is presenting the new state-of-the-art combing technology: CMX, a 10-head combing system which, with a capacity of up to 115 kg/hour, guarantees a level of productivity 25% higher than the previous model, along with energy savings equal to 20% kW/kg.
Digital textile
Another expertise is in developing advanced digital technologies: Marzoli Remote Maintenance is an AI based platform able to analyse Big Data generated by machinery processes and also to continuously monitor mission critical operations. This ensures a reduction of machine downtime, a longer useful life of parts, and more timely and effective maintenance.
Alongside this, integrated management can be enabled by YarNet, a highly innovative software, through which users can easily manage the entire Marzoli spinning process directly from their PC. With it, every machine in a plant can be monitored with ease – a real value-added technology for customers aiming to maximise productivity and profitability.
The Brain Box is a patented Marzoli software with an integrated APP, based on AI technologies, which significantly improves plant performance. Tests confirm that Brain Box can generate a 5.5% increase in productivity, an 8% increase in efficiency, and 1.5% in energy savings. Installation is a fast and simple 4-step process: mount sensors to each machine, connect the sensors to Brain Box, download the APP, and activate the monitoring function for the detection of any issues.
The innovative approach to cotton analysis Taomapp in which the trash level inside the cotton is accurately determined through photographs taken by smartphone is based on ultra-high resolution image recognition techniques and quantifies the results on the Marzoli Trash Index.
Trash Analyzer, the automatic tool that, together with Marzoli software platforms, analyses cotton’s trash content to optimise machinery set up. It can be applied wherever there is a flow of material in a pipeline.
These 5 solutions, constantly monitoring machines and process performance, allows to make intelligent and informed decision, based on constantly updated information. Each of these decisions is a further step to increase the flexibility and customization and to reach a very high level of efficiency and productivity to become more valuable on the market.
Marzoli is also showing its innovative solutions for the nonwovens sector at ITM. With its experience and technological knowledge in fiber preparation, the company is qualified in the implementation of plants for nonwoven products. By developing strategic partnerships with each customer, bespoke nonwoven manufacturing lines, can be developed, with each one based on exact production needs.
Range of applications are wipes, medical-surgical, disposable and filtration products.
Circular technology
The circular economy, embracing sustainability, recycling and other green disciplines, are another important topic at ITM. Since 2012, Marzoli has focused on continuous innovation in the mechanical regeneration of textile fibers.
The know-how focuses on the transformation of post-industrial and post-consumer textile waste, creating high-value recycled fiber to be process with ring spinning tecnology.
Established in 1851 and part of the Textile Division of Camozzi Group since 1999, Marzoli Machines Textile srl, Palazzolo sull'Oglio/Italy, is a European manufacturer of complete machine lines for the opening, preparation and spinning of short-staple fiber. From bale openers to ring spinning frames, Marzoli offers advanced technology for completely automated spinning mills.

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