Mahlo: Non-contact solution for distortion in...

Non-contact solution for distortion in functional knits

(Source: Mahlo)
(Source: Mahlo)

To regulate compression knitted fabrics with different properties within one grade in such a way that homogeneous textile surfaces are produced, a combination of yarn density measurement and process control system at different measuring points are required.
Penn Textile Solutions GmbH, Paderborn/Germany, a leading manufacturer of elastic fabrics for underwear, corsetry, sportswear and swimwear, as well as highly functional textiles for technical applications, produces the compression knitted fabrics on special raschel looms. The compression zones of the functional fabric create corresponding distortions within the textile surface in its raw state, which have to be smoothed out in the fixing process. This work is now taken over by a process control system. The Famacont PMC-15 from Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG, Saal/Germany, with 2 measuring points automatically controls the leading of the stenter frame by continuous, non-contact determination of the mesh density. In addition, the Patcontrol PCS-20 process control system ensures that the dimensions of the different zones are recorded and automatically controlled.  Another important aspect for Penn is that the complete and costly radiation protection is no longer necessary with the new systems.
The new measurement and control technology enable consistent compliance with desired parameters. Scrap in the form of manufacturing waste due to mismatched quality parameters has decreased by 5%. Due to the success of the production process, a further measuring station for thread density and basis weight was put into operation this summer.

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