Loepfe : New yarn clearer generation for Paki...

New yarn clearer generation for Pakistani mill

(Source: Loepfe)
(Source: Loepfe)

A total of 5,500 Loepfe yarn clearers are integrated into the spinning process at Kohinoor Textile Mills. They operate 9 units with 180,000 spindles, covering the complete range of coarse and fine count yarn from natural to man-made fibers. The first 1,112 winding units now being replaced with the new yarn clearer generation, YarnMaster Prisma from Loepfe Brothers Ltd., Wetzikon/Switzerland.
With Prisma, Kohinoor Textile Mills Ltd., Lahore/Pakistan, achieves a new level in yarn quality while increasing profitability. This is accomplished through the unique 4-sensor technology combined with the intelligent clearing algorithm. Especially important for the mainly compact ring yarn production are the additional fine classes of SFI/D and OffCount clearing. The refined matrices simplify the settings and provide flexibility to adapt the clearing curve to all market needs. Thereby the compact spinners are given the best yarn structure overview of their produced yarn.
The unique features of the YarnMaster Prisma are based on the continuous monitoring length of 80 m for SFI/D clearing and 50 m for OffCount clearing. Removing long faults in one piece delivers significant advantages including increased machine efficiency due to less splice cycles and immediate alarm of bad bobbins after the first few meters. Furthermore, yarn quality is improved due to complete removal of long faults and there is certainty in yarn quality since no remnants of longer faults are processed further.

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