Loepfe : Full-color monitoring

Full-color monitoring

(Source: Loepfe)
(Source: Loepfe)

Managing contamination control precisely to individual requirements is a high priority for spinners. The YarnMaster Prisma F-sensor from Loepfe illuminates the yarn in the full spectrum of light using the additive RGB (red, green, blue) color model.  

This innovative technology for yarn quality control which uses the 3 primary colors of red, green and blue, adding wavelength for wavelength to enable full-color monitoring. This functionality enables greater reliability in the detection of foreign matter – in all colors – even delicate shades and whatever the glossiness differences, in any type of yarn, or in any color and mixtures thereof. 

Beyond that, the RGB technology allows a new color-based determination of organic materials within the yarn to separate them from regular disturbing foreign matter. The precise detection and classification of a disturbing or non-disturbing defect leads directly to a lower cut rate, resulting in higher efficiency and waste reduction.  

YarnMaster Prisma from Loepfe Brothers Ltd., Wetzikon/Switzerland, is a next-generation yarn clearer system with 4-sensor technology. This assures the key benefits of productivity, profitability, versatility and reliability. 

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