Lenzing Instruments @ ITMA 2023: Quality cont...
Lenzing Instruments @ ITMA 2023

Quality control system for optimized production processes

Interlace tester Rapid 600 (Source: Lenzing Instruments)
Interlace tester Rapid 600 (Source: Lenzing Instruments)

The producer of quality control systems Lenzing Instruments GmbH & Co. KG, Lenzing/Austria, will give a detailed insight into its comprehensive range of testing equipment for online, at-line and laboratory applications. The set focus for continuous development results in sophisticated testing solutions, which support the textile industry in achieving efficient and reliable quality control. This enables optimized production processes which result in minimum waste, reduced raw material consumption and fewer customer complaints. Moreover, in line with sustainability being a key theme for the textile industry, these resource saving factors connected to quality control with Lenzing Instruments also contributes to greener production processes.
The company will present solutions for enhanced testing efficiency, reproducibility and accuracy, highlighting a selection of the wide product range and will exhibit testing equipments like the ACW 600/DVA, DTI 600, Rapid 600 and Sess. They enable yarn bobbins to be tested for titer (dtex, den), molecular orientation as well as entanglement of flat and industrial yarn shortly after the last production step. Used together with the highly automized sampling system Sess, these ASTM standardized at-line testing instruments can decisively contribute to quick reactions to any detected quality issues.
Intended for high-volume offline detection of filament yarn defects such as broken filaments and fluff is Elkometer 200: Equipped with a customized number of Prompt Olo optical defect detection sensors, the system enables simultaneous defect inspection of up to 8 yarn bobbins. Optionally, even more thorough analysis of detected defects can be achieved by means of a Defect View unit, which yields images of each detected defect.

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