Kluber @ ITMA 2023: New lubricant for weaving...
Kluber @ ITMA 2023

New lubricant for weaving loom gears

(Source: Adobe Stock)
(Source: Adobe Stock)

From spinning and knitting to weaving and finishing – specialty lubricants can help to significantly improve process efficiency and achieve the sustainability goals of essential processes in textile manufacturing. At the ITMA, the manufacturer of specialty lubricants Kluber Lubrication GmbH & Co. KG, Munich/Germany, will present its comprehensive portfolio for the textile industry. A new addition to the portfolio is Klubersynth MEG 4, a long-lasting lubricant for weaving loom gears which leads to less heat generation and therefore decreases energy consumption. The new gear oil offers high scuffing protection and very good micro-pitting load carrying capacity for gears.
 The Kluber portfolio covers the entire value chain, from the sub-segments weaving and finishing to spinning and knitting. All specialty lubricants developed by Kluber Lubrication are designed to help overcome the challenges in textile production, such as changing humidity, temperature fluctuations and high loads, and at the same time help the industry to meet their sustainability goals.

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