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New machinery for terry cloth production

(Source: Karl Mayer)
(Source: Karl Mayer)

Cotton terry cloth can be produced efficiently and sustainably using warp-knitting technology. The TM 4-TS EL terry machine, 186” (4.7 m), in gauge E 24, and the new direct warping machine for the production of cotton sectional beams for warp knitting, the Iso Cotton are the new, highly efficient solutions for warping the natural staple fiber developed by Karl Mayer Group, Obertshausen/Germany.
The new Iso Cotton offers very short yarn paths, and thus a low-wear yarn journey. The material is led from the eyelet board, via the comb, directly to the main reed and thus to the take-up. An electronically controlled press roller ensures that the master and copy beams have the same circumference. If deviations occur, the contact pressure is adjusted to compensate accordingly. The circumference can be copied to within 1 mm without any problems, according to the company. 
Furthermore, the machine also comes with an innovative yarn tensioner. It works with pairs of discs pressed together through a magnetic field, thus regulate the yarn tension based on the type of yarn. The sectional warp beams feature extremely homogeneous density, an absolutely cylindrical structure, completely identical circumferences and equal thread lengths. The computer-controlled length measuring system allows a length accuracy of 0.1%. The threads are also arranged precisely and blowing devices on the comb and the main reed keep the contamination level to a minimum.
In addition to this, the Iso Cotton also stands out thanks to its minimal scrap rates and has warping speeds of up to 1,000 m/min. Moreover, a conversion kit has also been developed so that existing Warpdirect and Bendirect models can be used to produce cotton sectional beams for warp knitting.

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