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Digital features improve worldwide production planning

(Source: Karl Mayer)
(Source: Karl Mayer)

Trade conflicts, supply bottlenecks and increased competition are leading to enormous cost pressure on textile producers worldwide. KM.ON GmbH, Frankfurt/Germany, a Karl Mayer Group company, has developed the k.management dashboard to support manufacturers of warp knitted textiles.
The smart tool uses near-time data from warp knitting machines connected to the KM.ON Cloud through k.ey to provide an overview of key figures, anytime, anywhere. The practical dashboard, launched in 2018, has been continuously optimized in cooperation with pilot customers. The latest generation dashboard now offers even more transparency in production with new functions, and therefore provides the basis for highly efficient management of all resources and processes.
The k.management tool provides a live overview of all machines that is available anywhere, highlights problems such as machine downtime using easy-to-understand symbols and also suggests the cause. Rapid detection makes efficient intervention possible. This allows customers to optimize their delivery reliability, machine utilization and machine downtimes, all while maximizing yield.  
To maximize machine utilization and thus profitability and delivery reliability, a special sorting function has also been integrated into the dashboard. The feature shows the next planned machine stops and any unplanned down-time. Unscheduled stops are triggered by things such as a yarn breaks and are immediately recognizable thanks to the machines being ordered and grouped according to status.
By providing information about the upcoming measure at an early stage, resources can be used optimally: it is always clear which employee is responsible for which machine and when, thus ensuring that production runs as efficiently as possible.

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