Karl Mayer : 4D-Knit articles in new gauge
Karl Mayer

4D-Knit articles in new gauge

(Source: Karl Mayer)
(Source: Karl Mayer)

A completely new generation of spacer textiles that are based on the basic construction of conventional 3D warp knitted fabrics, but that significantly deviate from traditional designs has been introduced by Karl Mayer. In 4D-Knit warp knitted spacer fabrics, the spacer layer is particularly different: the space between the upper and lower can be filled with bulked yarns to achieve better effects in performance and design. 
In addition to a smooth pattern, 2-tone coloring and breathable mesh zones as before, the 2 surfaces can have clearly pronounced relief designs – each with individual placements and dimensions. Depending on the amount of filling and the design of the plastic motifs, a wide variety of pieces is possible. 
The new warp knitted spacer fabrics are produced on a RDPJ 6/2 EL FB, previously in gauge E 24. To further explore the potential for the sportswear and outerwear sector, textile product developers at Karl Mayer Group, Obertshausen/Germany, have produced the first 4D-Knit products on a jacquard double needle bar raschel machine in E 28. The low weight and soft feel guarantee a high level of wear comfort, and the yarn material in the spacing also offers good insulating properties with extremely low discharge of microplastic particles, since no brushing or raising processes are used. 

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