Jeanologia: Aging garments with air alone

Aging garments with air alone

(Source: Jeanologia)
(Source: Jeanologia)

The authentic vintage look in both denim and color, in a sustainable, faster and more cost-effective way, has been achieved by Jeanologia. Instead of using conventional water washers, the company uses air washers that extract oxygen from the atmosphere and convert it into ozone to treat garments through a controlled and safe abrasion process without the need for stones, water or chemicals.
It is predicted that in the next few years there will be 2 types of industrial washing machines on the market: water washing machines and air washing machines.
In the 1970s, the aging of the garments was reproduced with a process that mixed water, chemicals and pumice stone, thus giving rise to the famous stone wash. This process, which is still used today, has a high environmental impact, as well as being totally inefficient. Atmospheric washing is a major breakthrough in ozone technology for garment finishing.
At the Kingpins Amsterdam fair, Jeanologia, Paterna/Spain, premiered its first Atmos collection that showed off how to achieve an authentic vintage look in a sustainable and efficient way in several fashion product categories. "Atmos-Natural aging" is made in a responsible way with the company’s G2 ozone and INDRA technology.
The collection also incorporates Tech Artisan Crafted, a microcapsule inspired by workwear made with the same fabric and different finishes based on the values of simplicity, durability and rational management of resources. It has also developed "Atmos Specials", a collection inspired by the atmosphere, its shades and shapes, in which the ozone finishes are transferred as a trendy look, with the effects of sinuous shapes, reserves, gradients, ozone bleaches and even tie-dyes.
In addition, the company is championing digitalization together with Kingpins Show and had an "eDesigner Studio" at the event. This space, dedicated to the software for the creation of eDesigner jeans, gave attendees the experience of designing a garment virtually. They were able to see how a virtual collection is developed and see that what is designed on screen is what you get in production.
Jeanologia is a leader in the transformation of the industry with its disruptive technologies: laser, G2 ozone, e-Flow, SmartBoxes, Colorbox and H2 Zero, capable of increasing productivity, reducing costs, water and energy consumption, and eliminating harmful emissions and discharges, guaranteeing zero pollution.
Its MissionZero program transforms the way jeans are made to eliminate 100% of the waste generated in the manufacture and finishing of blue jeans, from the fabric to the final garment.

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