IVL : Partnership with Auping and TWE for cir...

Partnership with Auping and TWE for circularity

(Source: IVL)
(Source: IVL)

Indorama Ventures is collaborationg with Auping and TWE Group to deliver a fully circular initiative by closing the loop in mattress design, manufacturing and recycling. At Techtextil on June 21-24, 2022, in Frankfurt/Germany, Indorama Ventures Public Company Ltd. (IVL), Bangkok/Thailand, will demonstrate this closed loop case study to showcase their partnership with Auping and TWE Group where a shared sustainable vision, industry ingenuity and circular cooperation can be seen in action.
Using circular research and design, the industry partnership between IVL Mullagh (Ireland), Koninklijke Auping BV, Deventer/Netherlands, and TWE Group, Emsdetten/Germany, has resulted in a perpetual, sustainable economic business model, for manufacturers globally. The inclusion of safe raw materials within mattress manufacturing allows the materials to be easily disassembled at the product’s end of use in order to be further reused as same components or recycled into new raw material at the same quality level, to enable versatile textile applications.
Designed for disassembly to optimize the use of existing resources, reduce carbon footprint and support customer objectives all along their customers’ supply chain. This circular industry collaboration begins with design, where the mattress is constructed using only 2 different base materials, 100% PET polyester textiles and steel wire pocket springs connected with Niaga, a non-toxic reversible adhesive, making the mattress easy to disassemble and recover.
IVL, Auping and TWE’s shared vision for a better world is demonstrated through their connected and innovative circularity that helps to close the loop. Auping collects, sorts and separates the collected fabrics, which then go to IVL Mullagh for processing, melting and extrusion to form polyester staple fiber. These staple fibers are then converted by TWE Group into nonwovens for use in Auping’s Evolve mattress, the world’s first fully circular mattress. Following the end of mattress use, the material recovery process simply starts again.
Auping estimates that annually more than 40 million mattresses are disposed of in Europe alone, the majority of which are incinerated. Their take back system in the Netherlands ensures that when their new mattress is delivered, the old mattress is retrieved and recycled, irrespective of the brand, ensuring existing materials are continually optimized, diverted from landfill and kept in use to achieve a circular economy.

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