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Unlocking the potential of social standards to converge

(Source: imago)
(Source: imago)

The IAF and the ITMF have developed the Standards Convergence Initiative (SCI) to help identify the full potential of convergence across social standards and to reduce audit fatigue.
The Standard Convergence Initiative (SCI) is an initiative of the International Apparel Federation (IAF), Zeist/Netherlands, and the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), Zurich/Switzerland, with the aim of having third party and brand/retailer proprietary standards align across 4 key areas to help combat growing audit fatigue in the textile and footwear sector.

Preventable and tragic incidences and reported prevalence of forced/child labor have highlighted the urgent need to improve working conditions in the global textile and footwear sector.
Standards that initially show a high preparedness for convergence and, subsequently, work toward increased convergence, will be promoted on the SCI website. It is hoped that once standard bodies understand where they are on the spectrum of convergence, they will be encouraged to work toward a common goal of increased alignment across certain standard requirements, quality assurance processes and oversight methodologies.

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