ITMF: Expectations remain favorable along val...

Expectations remain favorable along value chain

How do you describe your current business situation? (Source: ITMF)
How do you describe your current business situation? (Source: ITMF)

In the 2nd half of January 2022, the ITMF conducted the 12th ITMF Corona Survey among more than 270 companies around the world in all segments along the textile value chain.  
On average across all regions and all segments, the business situation is still very favorable with +23 percentage points (pp), albeit lower than compared to November 2021 (+28 pp). This high level is remarkable given the fast-rising infection number of the Corona-variant “Omicron” since the 11th ITMF Corona Survey. The fact that an increasing number of companies find themselves in a satisfactory business situation (48%) is an indication for a strong and broad recovery.
When it comes to the business expectations in 6 months, the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), Zurich/Switzerland, found that the global textile value chain remains very optimistic. While the balance between more favorable and less favorable has fallen from +33 pp to +25 pp, it needs to be considered that these expectations are built on a very favorable business situation. Only 14% of companies are anticipating a less favorable business by July 2022. In the different regions, the business situation is in positive territory in all regions except for East Asia and Africa. The expectations are very positive except for East Asia.  
The different segments the downstream segments – weavers/knitters, finishers/printers, and garment producers – are catching up with the upstream segments – fiber producers, spinners, and textile machinery producers. The order intake has fallen from a high level of +40 pp in November 2021 to +30 pp in January 2022. This is in line with the slightly weaker business situation.

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