ITMA : Talk on automation and digital future

Talk on automation and digital future

(Source: ITMA)
(Source: ITMA)

With its industry discussions, the new ITMAlive series seeks to offer deeper discussions amongst industrialists on trending topics affecting the global textile and garment industry. The discussions are based on ITMA 2023’s overarching theme of Transforming the World of Textiles. This week the talk focuses on automation and digital future. In recent years, digitalization, Industry 4.0 and the necessity for the “smart factory” – the “factory of the future”, have been growing in prevalence. Industry experts weigh in on the digital future of manufacturing in the textile and apparel value chain from a number of perspectives including sustainability, transparency, traceability and challenges.  
The discussion is moderated by Madelaine Thomas, Content Lead, World Information Textile Network (WTiN). The panel members are:
•    Hayato Nishi, Public Relations Manager, Shima Seiki USA 
•    Jonas Larsson, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business, The Swedish School of Textiles
•    Uwe Gansfort, Managing Director, canda International, C&A FIT (Factory for Innovation in Textiles)

ITMAlive - Automation and Digial Future

The next ITMA will be held from June 8-14, 2023 in Milan/Italy.

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