Isko : Sustainable technologies with cellulos...

Sustainable technologies with cellulose-based materials

(Source: ISKO)
(Source: ISKO)

To help create a fully circular fashion industry, Isko has partnered with Swedish research and development company MoRe Research, a part of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Göteborg/Sweden, to investigate and develop new, sustainable technologies made from cellulosic-based materials, derived from waste textiles, for the company’s 25,000+ range of products. It is hoped that this research will also help make the production of cellulose-based materials more sustainable. 

The work with MoRe Research AB, Örnsköldsvik/Sweden feeds into Isko’s Responsible Innovation strategy and will link with various sustainability projects the company is working on.  

Isko, a brand of Sanko Tekstil, the textile division of the Sanko Holding AS, Gaziantep/Turkey, will leverage MoRe Research’s expertise and resources to find ways of repurposing the clean and toxic-free cellulosic powders that are created from the decomposed cotton, as well as the recycled polyester and reintegrate this back into fabric production. By using all of the outputs from the recycling of textiles back into textiles, the prospect of a closed-loop system becomes more feasible. 

As part of the company’s R-Two program, work is also ongoing to develop fabrics with a guaranteed minimum +50% GRS (Global Recycle Standard) recycled content blend. This will significantly reduce the carbon and water footprint of a fabric, as well as make it easy to trace a garment’s sustainable journey beginning to end.

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