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Trend forecasts for Autumn/Winter 2023-24

(Source: Messe Fraknfurt (HK))
(Source: Messe Fraknfurt (HK))

Reflecting the themes set by the expert panel, the Directions Trend Forum at the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics has again been formed to help designers and buyers steer their designs in line with the coming fashion seasons.
For Autumn/Winter 2023-24, the trend committee has identified Forward as its core message, with 4 key themes represented: Science+, Craft+, Free+ and Premium+.
The Science+ theme is inspired by progress, discoveries, unknowns, and the scope to reinvent future-focused perspectives in our daily lives. Fabrics include man-made and natural materials, hybrid fabrics, thermal insulation and foam padded materials. The theme also emphasizes gradational and blurred motifs, 3-dimensional lace, and protective laminating as finishing.
Focusing on a sustainable society of tomorrow, Craft+ raises awareness of the inner comfort nature delivers. Recycled, eco and organic fabrics that circulate resources are used, leveraging vegetable and botanical dyeing. Featured textiles include those that are not only sustainable but also regenerative.  
Free+ explores designs that brim with the vibrancy of colors, while Premium+ features subtle yet stunning materials with incorporated glittering elements, as well as luxury fabrics such as premium wool, alpaca wool, fluid and supple jersey. Foil finishing, graphic patterns, optical effects, superimposed prints and a wealth of embroidery round out the theme.
Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn Edition will take place alongside Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles – Autumn Edition, Yarn Expo Autumn, CHIC and PH Value in Shanghai/China from August 29-31, 2022.

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