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Sustainable spray application technologies


With focus on sustainable production processes one of the key pioneers in new spray application technologies for the dyeing and finishing sector, imogo AB, Limhamn/Sweden, has developed the Dye-Max spray dyeing technology.The Dye-Max system can slash the use of fresh water, wastewater, energy and chemicals by as much as 90% compared to conventional jet dyeing systems.

This is due to the extremely low liquor ratio of 0.3-0.8 l/kg of fabric and at the same time, considerably fewer auxiliary chemicals are required to start with. In a roundtable discussion held online in October 2020, imogo Founding Partner Per Stenflo and others discussed the opportunities for new spray application technologies for the dyeing and finishing sector.
Such technologies, however, face a number of obstacles to adoption and during the discussion it was agreed that 2020 has not provided the ideal climate for adventurous investors.
Nevertheless, all of the panelists agreed that sustainable production will remain top of the agenda for the textile industry in the longer term and spray technologies for dyeing and finishing processes will be a part of it.
Also taking part in the roundtable discussion were Simon Kew (Alchemie Technology, UK), Christian Schumacher (StepChange Innovations, Germany) Tobias Schurr (Weko, Germany), Rainer Tüxen (RotaSpray, Germany) and Femke Zijilstra (DyeCoo, Netherlands).

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