Huntsman : 3rd generation of polyreactive dy...

3rd generation of polyreactive dye range

(Source: Huntsman)
(Source: Huntsman)

Huntsman’s new Avitera Rose SE for brilliant bluish-red shades outperforms new dyeing technologies for cellulosic fibers and blends, delivering substantial water and energy savings, high overall fastness, and reduced costs.
Avitera Rose SE slashes the water and energy required for production by up to 50% thanks to its unique low-temperature and high-speed wash-off technology. It further delivers good right-first-time performance, with good compatibility, levelling properties, and on-tone build-up. The cost-effective formulation reduces recipe costs for medium-dark shades while both minimizing processing costs and eliminating reprocessing. It also increases mill output by up to 25% or more.
Products dyed with Avitera Rose SE have high chlorine resistance, tailormade for stringent Japanese and US laundering requirements, and are suitable for use with Huntsman’s High IQ Lasting Color Eco color-retention program.  
Launched by Huntsman Textile Effects, Singapore, in 2010, the first-generation Avitera SE dyes set a benchmark for sustainability in the textile industry. The 2nd generation expanded the range’s color palette from the palest to the deepest and darkest shades. The 3rd generation further enhances the economic sustainability of the Avitera range while delivering environmental benefits and good operational performance.

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