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Study Program Innovative Textiles and Sustainable Textiles

(Source: Hochschule Hof, Judith Seiferth)
(Source: Hochschule Hof, Judith Seiferth)

In addition to the still quite new 3-semester, English-language Master's program "Sustainable Textiles", Hof University of Applied Sciences now also offers the Bachelor's program "Innovative Textiles B.Eng." with 7 semesters of study at the Münchberg campus. This course is taught entirely in English from the 3rd semester onwards and is aimed at national and international students. The basic studies (with the fundamental textile and engineering subjects) can also take place at the students' home universities in the local language.  
In addition to basic engineering subjects, the Innovative Textiles program provides students with in-depth knowledge of innovative materials science (fibers, yarns, knitted fabrics, woven and nonwoven fabrics, textile auxiliaries) and modern processing technology (surface technology, composites).  
In addition, the dual study model is also possible at the HS Hof, Münchberg campus, Münchberg/Germany. After the first year of training in a company, the students of the dual study program at the Münchberg campus start the composite study program, the IHK final examination takes place in the 5th semester. With the final bachelor's thesis in the 7th semester, in cooperation with the partner company, this combined study program lasts a total of 4.5 years.

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