Hologenix: Woven upholstery fabric reflects b...

Woven upholstery fabric reflects body heat

(Source: Crypton)
(Source: Crypton)

A partnership to create a new textile innovation using the infrared technology from Hologenix and the high-performance fabrics for contract and residential interiors from the Crypton Companies has resulted in the first woven upholstery fabric with Celliant named Crypton Celliant.
Celliant from Hologenix, LLC, Pacific Palisades, CA/USA, uses ethically sourced minerals embedded into fibers and reflects natural body heat back as infrared energy. It has been clinically tested and proven to increase cellular oxygenation for improved energy, stronger performance, faster recovery, better sleep and overall enhanced wellbeing.
With the tagline “easy care meets self-care,” the new Crypton Celliant fabric additionally offers the established performance characteristics of fabrics from the Crypton Companies (Crypton LLC and Nanotex LLC), Bloomfield Hills, MI/USA. These include moisture resistance, stain-resistance, spill-repellence, odor-resistance and cleanability. Both Crypton’s contract fabrics and its Crypton Home lines will offer collections of this innovative blend of Crypton performance along with Celliant’s energy-enhancing properties.
Crypton Celliant is exclusively woven at The Crypton Mills at Broad River, the firm’s own mill in Cliffside, NC/USA. Ground into a powder finer than a micron, Celliant thermo-reactive minerals are embedded into yarns that are woven into Crypton fabrics. Celliant is not a coating that can rub off. Crypton Celliant provides durability and a soft hand. Similarly, Crypton’s spill and stain resistant performance technology is permanently encapsulated in the fibers and cannot wash or wear off.

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