Hologenix: Sustainable infrared viscose as fl...

Sustainable infrared viscose as flocked coating

(Source: Hologenix)
(Source: Hologenix)

Converting body heat energy, Celliant Viscose is a unique combination of nature and performance developed by Hologenix and Kelheim Fibres GmbH, Kelheim/Germany. The material is based on Celliant, a natural blend of IR-generating bio-ceramics used in textiles and is an in-fiber sustainable infrared viscose.
Now Hologenix, LLC, Pacific Palisades, CA/USA, has partnered with Spectro Coating Corp., Leominster, MA/USA, a large vertically integrated flock coating and flock fabric manufacturer, to create the first flocked infrared material with Celliant Viscose. Flocking is an application method in which tiny fibers are piled on to the surface of a textile, creating textures for both decorative and functional purposes. Celliant Viscose in a flocked material has many potential applications in the medical field for tapes, bandages, braces and orthopedic products, home textiles and decor, dog beds, clothing, and more.  
Celliant features natural, ethically sourced minerals, which convert body heat into infrared energy for increased local circulation and cellular oxygenation. These minerals are then embedded into viscose plant-based fibers. The viscose fibers are then flocked onto a base material. Celliant Viscose provides all the benefits of being a viscose fiber — lightweight, soft, highly breathable, very good moisture management — as well as the fiber enhancements from Celliant infrared technology.
Celliant Viscose is the first IR flocked material that Spectro is producing.  
Celliant, Hologenix = registered trademarks

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