Hologenix: Infrared textile now available pur...

Infrared textile now available pure white

(Source: Hologenix)
(Source: Hologenix)

A way has been found to embed Celliant, a performance textile that converts body heat into infrared energy, into fibers that allows them to be pure white. This expands the potential applications of Celliant, which can be woven into fibers or applied as fabric coating, to crisp white bed sheets and towels, athletic uniforms and jerseys, baby clothes, medical scrubs and more, while maintaining its well-known wellness benefits. Making pure white possible also makes delicate pastel fabrics possible, or any color.

Pure white Celliant by materials science company Hologenix, Los Angeles, CA/USA, captures and converts body heat into infrared energy, increasing local circulation, helping regulate body temperature and promote stronger performance, faster recovery and better sleep. It is also still made from ethically sourced minerals from the earth and is available in polyamide, polyester and recycled polyester fibers.

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