Hologenix: Infrared technology for thermoregu...

Infrared technology for thermoregulating bedding

(Source: Hologenix)
(Source: Hologenix)

A new line of “Regeneration” duvets and pillows infused with Celliant mineralized fibers from Hologenix is being introduced by Centa-Star. 

Celliant thermo-reactive minerals absorb the body heat and convert it into infrared energy, which is reflected back to the body.  The resulting temporary increase in blood flow and local circulation helps regulate body temperature and increases tissue oxygen. The regeneration products made with Celliant are thermo-regulating with maximum breathability and promote stronger performance, faster recovery and better sleep.

Bedding specialist Centa-Star Bettwaren GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart/Germany, has regularly reinvented the duvet. The company’s fiber duvets were the first that could be washed at home. The collaboration with Hologenix LLC, Pacific Palisades, CA/USA, allows an expansion of the range of high-tech fiber duvet and pillow range focusing on health and well-being.

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