Hologenix: Infrared technology for cotton acc...

Infrared technology for cotton accessories and heater covers

(Source: Hologenix)
(Source: Hologenix)

Infrared is becoming an important wellness tool, helping people feel better through myriad health benefits, including heart health, circulation, detoxification, anti-aging, longevity, immunity and muscle recovery. Sunlighten, a leader in infrared saunas and portable light therapies, has partnered with Hologenix, the creators of Celliant infrared responsive textiles, to further enhance the sauna experience.
Fabric infused with Celliant now covers Sunlighten’s infrared heaters in all its sauna cabins. In addition, Sunlighten, Inc., London/UK, is introducing its new luxury cotton accessories infused with Celliant for those who want to expand the health benefits of infrared and/or enjoy a spa-like experience.
Celliant’s natural, ethically sourced minerals embedded into yarns transform body heat into full-spectrum infrared energy and return it to the body safely and naturally. The product from Hologenix LLC, Pacific Palisades, CA/USA, promotes local circulation and cell oxygenation in healthy individuals while keeping the user dry and at the perfect temperature. This results in stronger performance, faster recovery and better sleep.
The dual-purpose fabric provides added health benefits, as well as comfort and practicality both inside and outside the sauna.

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