HeiQ/The Lycra Company: Durable stretch, comf...
HeiQ/The Lycra Company

Durable stretch, comfort and fit in cotton knitwear

Lycra naturalFX Technologie powered by HeiQ (Source: The Lycra Company)
Lycra naturalFX Technologie powered by HeiQ (Source: The Lycra Company)

In partnership with HeiQ, The Lycra Company has developed a new sustainable textile finishing process for 100% cotton knitwear. Lycra naturalFX technology enhances cotton fabric, addresses critical consumer issues and improves the overall wearing experience. This technology gives 100% cotton knitwear a durable, comfortable stretch, fit and soft feel compared to conventional finishing processes.
Lycra naturalFX technology improves the stretch and recovery of Cotton Knit Fabrics while providing a very good soft hand. The effect is maintained even after repeated washing. In addition, the process can be easily implemented in production, as it does not require investment in new equipment.
»I am confident that Lycra naturalFX technology will open up a new generation of enhanced stretch and recovery garments with comfort and durability.«
Mike Mordente, Head of the Textiles Business Unit, HeiQ

All knitwear using Lycra naturalFX technology can undergo quality control in The Lycra Company's laboratories - to ensure that all consumer benefits are provided, including comfort, stretch, breathability and durable fit.
While The Lycra Company, Wilmington, DE/USA, is leading the commercialization of this technology, HeiQ Materials AG, Zurich/Switzerland, will support the launch through its brand network as well as production. In addition, HeiQ will sell the finishing directly to the fabric manufacturers, using its proven global technical services to achieve an optimal result.

Lycra = registered trademark
naturalFX = trademark

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