HeiQ: Dual action textile cooling technology

Dual action textile cooling technology

(Source: HeiQ Cool)
(Source: HeiQ Cool)

We spend almost a third of our time sleeping. Therefore, we should rely on products and textiles that enable us to sleep well. HeiQ Materials AG, Zurich/Switzerland, now offers HeiQ Cool, a new dual action textile cooling technology. This is a novel textile technology that offers both immediate contact cooling and continuous evaporative cooling.
The textiles with HeiQ Cool technology constantly regulate the skin temperature thanks to a dual cooling ability. In a first step, melting energy absorption delivers instant contact cooling before the first sign of sweat and delays the build-up of heat, followed by a vaporizing energy action that mimics the skin’s thermal regulating system by providing continuous evaporative cooling as long as the body is hot and sweaty. Instantly cool to the touch, the components synergistically recharge the surface layer ensuring a consistently cool, dry and comfortable body climate.
Suitable for all fabrics, the initial launch focuses on home textiles, especially sleeping products such as mattress ticking, pillows and bed linen. This innovative technology can thus ensure a good night's sleep for consumers.
HeiQ Cool technology, a combination of a hydro-functional polymer and a bio-based thermo-functional polymer formulation derived from vegetable oil, contains more than 50% USDA-certified bio-based content. It is also Oeko-Tex class 1 suited and meets most brand RSL (restricted substances list) requirements.
»Research conducted by Cotton Inc. in 2017, showed that 55% of consumers are looking for thermoregulation functions in their bedding products. In recent years, consumers show a strong desire for more functional and sustainable products. Not only is the HeiQ Cool treatment based on sustainable components, the fact that it helps to efficiently balance your temperature probably means you can cut down on the energy consumption for the air conditioner.«
Hoi Kwan Lam, HeiQ Chief Marketing Officer

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