Heimtextil : On the way to green textiles

On the way to green textiles

(Source: dfv media group)
(Source: dfv media group)

"Textiles Matter" – the motto of this year’s trend space at the Heimtextil from January 10-13, 2023, in Frankfurt/Germany – is presenting 4 ways of circular economy and is giving the market impulses for sustainable development. Exploring what a circular future might look and feel like, Textiles Matter takes a materials-led approach to the trade fair, showing the reinvention of existing resources. The focus is more than ever before on sustainability and the circular economy, the main factors in setting the trends for the season 2023/24.
For the trend space, the Heimtextil archives have been mined to reuse, repurpose and revive materials from previous exhibitions, rented and borrowed products. Within Textiles Matter, 4 key routes to circularity are introduced: Make and Remake celebrates reuse, repair and rejuvenation, Continuous aims for closed loops and zero waste, while From Earth explores natural fibers and dyes, and Nature Engineered magnifies organic material performance trough mechanical means.

Make and Remake
Pre-used materials, deadstock and remnant textiles are given a new lease of life with the focus shifting to the aesthetics of repair and taking the form of a specific design element of the recycled product. Bright and joyful colors and techniques, such as overprinting, overdyeing, bricolage, collage and patchwork, result in new and creative products.

The Continuous trend theme describes closed-loop systems in which materials are recycled into new, waste-free products again and again. Putative waste materials are separated out and reprocessed as new fibers, composites and textiles. Thus, synthetic and cellulose yarns can be produced zero-waste. Thanks to technically advanced reclamation processes, the materials retain their original quality and aesthetic.

(Source: dfv media group)

From Earth
This theme focuses on the natural world and harmony with the nature of organic materials. Natural colors communicate warmth and softness. Imperfect textures, signs of wear and irregularities create ecological and earth-born aesthetics.

Nature Engineered
A reinterpretation of the concept of “natural”: Nature Engineered uses mechanical means to elevate and perfect natural materials, such as bast fibers, hemp, linen and nettles. Cutting-edge techniques process natural textiles into sophisticated and smart products. Combined with shades of beige and brown, clean lines and shapes are the distinguishing features of this theme.

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