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Hansa Industrie-Mixer @ ITMA 2023

Compounding of liquids and dry substances

Precise mixing of liquid and solid substances with the Various-Mix (Source: Hansa Industrie-Mixer)
Precise mixing of liquid and solid substances with the Various-Mix (Source: Hansa Industrie-Mixer)

If several liquids and dry substances are to be mixed together, modern real-time compounding offers numerous advantages over the classic batch process. With this technology, the Various-Mix from the producer of foam mixers and aerators Hansa Industrie-Mixer GmbH & Co.KG, Stuhr-Heiligenrode/Germany, ensures high quality, flexibility and optimized resource consumption in a wide range of applications.  In real-time compounding, the machine mixes several liquid and solid substances in a continuous process. In contrast to the usually huge premix tanks used in the conventional batch method, the mixing pot in the modern real-time process holds only 60 – 150 l. It is continuously and fully automatically filled with ingredients in the exact quantity needed for the ready mixture which is pumped out. The liquids are fed into the mixing tank via an eccentric screw pump the various dry ingredients via hoppers and twin-screw conveyors.
Flow meters and load cells ensure uniform dosing of the ingredients and a constant filling level in the mixing pot. The recipe for real-time compounding can be easily set and quickly adjusted on the Various-Mix via a touch display. Optionally, the versatile machine also takes over foaming immediately after the mixing process.
Since real-time compounding is closely geared to actual demand, there are hardly any residual quantities during production. The optimized material inventory is usually accompanied by further savings, e.g. in energy consumption. The small mixing pot also reduces the space requirement of the facility, and cleaning the system is also simple.

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