Haelixa: Participation in the Denim Deal

Participation in the Denim Deal

(Source: Haelixa)
(Source: Haelixa)

The Denim Deal is an international collaboration of more than 50 private and public sector companies united in the commitment to produce denim more circularly. It aims to close the loop and achieve change in the value chain. Based in Amsterdam/Netherland, the group is working towards a circular economy where textile waste no longer exists. The pledge of members is to work towards using 5% recycled post-consumer cotton in all future denim collections and produce 3 million denim jeans made with 20% recycled post-consumer cotton.
The steering committee for the Denim Deal has announced that Haelixa is approved as a new signature. Haelixa Ltd., Kemptthal/Switzerland, is a leader in developing and commercializing physical product traceability solutions to ensure complete end-to-end supply-chain consumer good traceability, focusing on sustainably manufactured products, such as organic or recycled textiles. Based on DNA markers, the Haelixa technology is physically applied to the material and stays linked, providing a traceable physical fingerprint from producer to retail.
»We welcome Haelixa who offers a trustful traceability solution.«
Roosmarie Ruigrok, Coordinator, Denim Deal

Over the last few years, the demand for the technology in recycled denim has grown as brands are asked to validate their recycling claims. Using DNA to mark the recycled post-consumer cotton, Haelixa substantiates claims by testing the final garment to validate that the marked waste is present.

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