H.B. Fuller/Covestro : Collaboration to make ...
H.B. Fuller/Covestro

Collaboration to make adhesives more sustainable

(Source: Pexels)
(Source: Pexels)

A strategic partnership has been announced between H.B. Fuller and Covestro to deliver an adhesive with a reduced climate impact for the textiles, composites, automotive and woodworking industries.

The new ingredient used in the adhesive from H.B. Fuller, St. Paul, MN/USA, is a bio-attributed raw material created through a mass balance approach and will replace a proportion of previous fossil raw materials.

The usage of an equivalent amount of the alternative feedstock is guaranteed by Covestro AG, Leverkusen/Germany, through a third party verified certification method. By gradually converting its production to alternative raw materials and working with reliable partners, who in turn collaborate with many certified suppliers, the company aims to replace fossil materials and make its value chains more sustainable.

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