Groz-Beckert: The Fabric Year 2021

The Fabric Year 2021

(Source: Groz-Beckert)
(Source: Groz-Beckert)

Once more this year, Groz-Beckert together with Andreas Engelhardt of The Fiber Year GmbH, provided comprehensive insights into the textile market. In its 7th edition, The Fabric Year has again combined spinning and textile production in a holistic approach. Starting from the upstream fiber market, the market developments of the textile production technologies knitting, weaving and nonwovens in the past year as well as forecasts for the current year are given.
The main topics of The Fabric Year 2021 were presented by Groz-Beckert KG, Albstadt/Germany, during a digital event in October 2021. Andreas Engelhardt first presented key statements from the yearbook The Fiber Year, which he has been publishing for many years as the owner of the company of the same name, The Fiber Year GmbH, Freidorf/Switzerland.
The processing technologies knitting, weaving and nonwovens achieved different developments worldwide. Both knitting and weaving suffered heavy losses, while nonwovens production went up due to outsized demand for hygiene and medical applications caused by the corona pandemic.
An executive summary of The Fabric Year is now available in the Groz-Beckert media center.

Groz-Beckert - The Fabric Year 2021

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