Groz-Beckert: Sewing machine needles with dur...

Sewing machine needles with dur coating

Stamping/embossing (top) and laser technology (bottom) (Source: Groz-Beckert)
Stamping/embossing (top) and laser technology (bottom) (Source: Groz-Beckert)

A chrome coating on sewing machine protects the needle from external influences and protects the material and thread. Groz-Beckert has now changed the process used to apply this chrome layer to the needles.
The new technology offers several advantages. It is more environmentally friendly, and also improves product properties. The dur needles differ from conventional chrome needles and are characterized by a coated needle point and improved sliding properties.
The new coating process protects the dur needle in the point area even more effectively against wear and damage. This means that the needle can be used for longer. The needles also have improved sliding properties that reduce the penetration forces of the needle and protects the material to be sewn even more.
In addition to needles with chrome coating - coated with either a dur or conventional process – Groz-Beckert KG, Albstadt/Germany, also continues to offer Gebedur needles coated with titanium nitride. These needles are recommended e.g. for sewing heavy or coated materials such as denim, leather or technical textiles.
Furthermore, Groz-Beckert has also been using improved shank labeling technology. Instead of embossing the needle size and manufacturer's logo with a stamp, they are now applied using laser technology, which improves the legibility of the labeling.
Another advantage of laser technology is the greater flexibility in application. This makes it easier to track all production steps of the needle and is another way to tell the needles are genuine.

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