Groz-Beckert: Optimized mono-wire healds

Optimized mono-wire healds

(Source: Groz-Beckert
(Source: Groz-Beckert

Healds are one of the core components of the weaving process. Of those on offer from Groz-Beckert for a wide variety of applications, Rondofil and jacquard healds, are usually made of 2 wires. Groz-Beckert now provides them innovatively as mono-wire healds made from one single wire. This offers numerous advantages for the process, end product and the environment.
The new Rondofil and jacquard healds from Groz-Beckert KG, Albstadt/Germany, made from a single wire provide a perfect surface for even the finest warp threads. The surface quality of mono-wire healds are also advantageous for very high row densities of warp threads.
The mono-wire healds are also characterized by the fact that their thread eye, also known as mail eye, is not twisted-in and soldered, but glued. Compared to the use of twin-wire healds, the thread surface is therefore protected even more and damages to the warp yarn due to material fatigue and corrosion are prevented. Another advantage of the glued thread eye is that no lead-containing solder must be used for fastening, which makes the healds more environmentally friendly and resource-saving. Made from stainless steel, these healds are suited for any yarn and have very high production accuracy. Tailor-made customer specifications are available on request.

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