Grafe: Perception-controlling effect of color...

Perception-controlling effect of colors for plastic applications

(Source: Grafe)
(Source: Grafe)

Color plays an important role in assessing the exclusivity of everyday objects. It contributes significantly to whether an article is perceived as valuable or even high-class, as noble, valuable, stylish or even exclusive.
The color experts at Grafe have been working with the style-defining and perception-controlling effect of colors for plastic applications. The company will be presenting a new project at K 2022 from October 19-26, 2022, with 3 exclusive and noble shades under the term "Luxury".
The 3 colors are shown in the form of a sample plate with 1 hexagonal plate per cover. The material used is a styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer with a matting agent as an additive. With the same tool, the matting agent creates the matt surface/look. The color of the hexagon without additive shows a matt and a glossy surface - which allows a comparison to the sample plate with additive and shows possible applications of the matting agent. In this way, it can be seen how different looks can be created in injection molding without additional tooling costs.
The color specialist Grafe Advanced Polymers GmbH, Blankenhain/Germany, focused on expressive and harmonious tones in the choice of colors to achieve a luxurious look that creates a good combination with aesthetic design. This is made possible by the matt yet softly shimmering surface. The names of the colors, Shiny Graphite, Silky Lux-Grey and Liquid Rosé Gold, also make a contribution to the theme of "Luxury" and its perception.
In addition to color and additive masterbatches, Grafe’s product range also includes a wide range of functional polymer compounds. One of the sector’s largest research and development departments is working on cutting-edge technologies to equip polymers with smart functions.

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