GOTS : 2021 annual report details record grow...

2021 annual report details record growth

(Source: GOTS)
(Source: GOTS)

Even with the continued constraints of Covid-19, 2021 was a year of significant developments. An increased interest in sustainability in the textile industry led to greater awareness of GOTS certification from businesses as well as consumers.
The 31-page 2021 Annual Report from the industry association Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Stuttgart/Germany, details the record growth experienced in 2021, which included an increase of 19% in GOTS certified facilities around the world, with certification bodies (CBs) reporting 12,338 facilities in 79 countries (+11%).  
3 new GOTS-approved CBs brought the total to 18, of which 9 have chemical input approval in their scopes. The additional CBs are helping meet an ever-increasing demand for certification. The rise in certifications also allowed the association to expand internally, adding representatives as well as colleagues with expertise in standard development and implementation, quality assurance, communication, and IT.  
GOTS representatives worldwide offered training and education to thousands of participants, including businesses, governmental representatives, CBs, and other stakeholders.
»Despite ongoing difficulties and uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, decision-makers continue to pursue their sustainability goals and value GOTS as a tool to accomplish them.«
Claudia Kersten, Managing Director, GOTS

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