FibreTrace : Traceablity of sustainable texti...

Traceablity of sustainable textiles

(Source: FibreTrace)
(Source: FibreTrace)

In another step towards global supply chain transparency, combining physical and digital traceability with the options of authentication, FibreTrace has been awarded a European patent issued for “Photon Marker System in Fiber Material”.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) reports that textiles are the fourth-largest cause of environmental pressure after food, housing and transport. The ever-increasing conversation around digitalization and transparency in every aspect of the textile supply chain has forced brands to recognize the need to accelerate their own development of transparent solutions to ensure they remain at the forefront of sustainability.

FibreTrace, Singapore, works by embedding a natural, non-toxic, scannable luminescent pigment into any natural and chemical fibers. An end-to-end traceability in real-time to allow for irrefutable data and storytelling that is backed by scientific evidence is delivered.

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