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Fashion Transparency Index 

Very little has been done for transparency

(Source: Pexels)
(Source: Pexels)

Although the annual Transparency Index has been released by Fashion Revolution since 2016, this year's statistics suggest that very little is being done to remedy continual issues of supply chain opacity, with 50% of the brands disclosing little to no information about their supply chain.
This is the result of the current Fashion Transparency Index. Nearly 1/3 of the world’s 250 largest apparel companies receive low ratings in this year's survey.  
This index analyzes how the world's largest apparel brands report on their environmental and human rights sustainability work and rates each brand on a scale of 1 to 100.  
The apparel brands that show the most transparency in their reporting are OVS, Kmart Australia and Target Australia, which ranked 1st with a score of 78%. In 2nd place are H&M, The North Face and Timberland, all of which receive a score of 66%. Nearly 1/3 of the apparel brands land on a lower scale between 0 and 10%.  
The textile industry is responsible for a total of 4-8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, 80% of which are generated in manufacturing. Despite this, only 29% of the companies surveyed have science-based climate targets that include both their own operations and the suppliers that make the clothing.  
This year's survey also contained some positive news. In 2016, only 12.5% of companies surveyed reported their suppliers. In this year's survey, that number increased to 48%. The more apparel brands report who makes the clothes, the easier it will be to verify and determine if human rights are being violated during production.  
The Fashion Transparency Index is compiled by the organization Fashion Revolution, Leek/UK. The survey is a measure of the transparency of apparel companies in their sustainability work. The survey did not examine sustainability disclosures from the public reports of individual apparel brands.

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