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Fashion For Good/Textile Exchange

Assessing tracer technologies to boost traceability

(Source: URIEL SC)
(Source: URIEL SC)

A detailed guide of physical tracer technologies applicable to the textile supply chain, “The Textile Tracer Assessment”, has been jointly released by Fashion for Good, Amsterdam/Netherlands, and Textile Exchange, O’Donnell, TX/USA.
With the increasing importance placed on fiber provenance, authenticity and production, and the growing number of technologies available, the assessment provides fashion ecosystem stakeholders with an overview to evaluate and determine which tracer technologies would best suit their sustainability and operational needs.
Tracer technologies are solutions that analyses the microparticle composition of fibers, materials, and finished products (forensic tracers), or apply tracer substances at a certain point in the supply chain, to be detected later to verify origin (additive tracers). This guide assesses promising physical tracer technologies applicable for improving traceability verification in the textile industry. Scaling and further implementation of physical tracer technologies can help to address key industry challenges for traceability and help authenticate sustainability standards and certification.
The Textile Tracer Assessment is a tool for stakeholders across the supply chain from suppliers to brands, to certification bodies, who are motivated to explore and implement physical tracer technologies to supplement existing traceability models.

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