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Online seminar: Digital Printing on Textiles

(Source: ESMA)
(Source: ESMA)

With particular focus on the critical aspect of sustainability, comprehensive online training for digital printing on textiles is being offered by the ESMA Academy from March 7-9, 2023. The course curriculum includes considerations on energy and water consumption, selection of inks, recycling, circular economy examples, material flow cost accounting models, multicriteria analysis and an overview of new life cycle assessment tools. During other sessions independent researchers and industry experts introduce printing processes, textile chemistry and pre-treatment, ink formulation, curing techniques, color management, printing quality and characterization of textile substrates.
Organized by the European Specialist Printing Manufacturers Association (ESMA), Winge/Belgium, and the German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research (DITF), Denkendorf/Germany, the course is open to everyone who wants to learn about the technology behind digital textile printing and specific application requirements. Participants will be able to decide if and to what extent inkjet printing technologies can be applied in their own production processes.
The program consists of 3 afternoon sessions including: materials; textile chemistry; inkjet pre-treatment; inks and ink formulation; ink-textile interaction; printing; post-treatment; sustainability aspects and analysis; characterization; color management and calibration; workflow and micro-factory.
Depending on demand, a practical continuation at the laboratories of DITF in Denkendorf will be scheduled at a later date.

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