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(Source: Ellen MacCarther Foundation)
(Source: Ellen MacCarther Foundation)

The Jeans Redesign project by the Ellen MacCarther Foundation has reached the 100 participant milestone, with brands, garment manufacturers and fabric mills, working together to change the way jeans are produced. The Foundation welcomed 9 industry leaders to the project as new partners. This means that the project now spans 27 different countries, across 5 continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America).
Launched by the Fashion initiative of the Ellen MacCarther Foundation, Isle of Wight/UK, in 2019, The Jeans Redesign acts as a framework for companies across the industry to start designing with circular economy principles, and to work collaboratively and learn from each other. The guidelines, created with input from industry experts, set a minimum bar for circular denim and jeans, including guidance on recycled content, safe chemistry, material sourcing, and recyclability.
As the companies embark on their Jeans Redesign journey, they’ll use the project as a starting point and space to test and demonstrate how all products can be designed so that they are used more, made to be made again, and made from safe and recycled or renewable inputs. At the end of the year, all participants will be required to transparently report on the progress they made on their commitment to make jeans in line with the guidelines.
The project’s first progress report, “The Jeans Redesign: Insights from the first 2 years”, was published in 2021 in conjunction with updated guidelines to continue to drive the industry forward. Insights showed that the project has demonstrated that it is possible to create circular jeans today and provided a clear picture of the current landscape of solutions, barriers, and innovation gaps.

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