Elevate: Anti-counterfeiting tracking technol...

Anti-counterfeiting tracking technology for sewing threads

(Source: Elevate)
(Source: Elevate)

Integrity advanced identification thread technology from American & Efird LLC (A&E), Mt. Holly, NC/USA, a division of Elevate Textiles Inc., Charlotte, NC/USA, is available for Eco100 recycled sewing thread line.

Utilizing the CertainT molecular-based technology from Applied DNA Sciences, Inc., Stony Brook, NY/USA, a leader in polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based DNA manufacturing, A&E’s introduction of Integrity Eco100, a sustainable and secure thread, provides an innovative and economical solution for brands to authenticate, validate and track their  products anywhere within the supply chain by way of a common component – sewing thread.

The Integrity Eco100 identification thread line is produced with 100% recycled fiber and combines the technology of Applied DNA Sciences’ proprietary CertainT with Beacon platform. This innovation can authenticate a brand’s products and components by using the Beacon technology for a quick, in-the-field optical verification and, when needed, by using a portable qPCR test for a forensic analysis of the molecular tag.

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