DyStar: Restructuring plan for Ludwigshafen p...

Restructuring plan for Ludwigshafen plant

(Source: DyStar)
(Source: DyStar)

Specialty chemical company DyStar plans to restructure its facility in Ludwigshafen/Germany. The strategic decision is made by the company in response to changing business conditions and market shifts. The company will focus on developing key emerging markets, which have been shifting over a decade. In the wake of higher energy costs and inflation, the company is determined to further improve cost efficiency and drive sustainable productivity.
The facility has been an integral part of the company’s global network. DyStar inherited this facility from its founders, who started the indigo research and manufacturing more than 125 years ago. The restructuring of this facility will be carried out in a phased manner. DyStar will diversify the production activity out of Europe and start with the reduction of manpower as a consequence. Customers are assured of undisrupted supply.
DyStar will also work with local authorities and HR to support affected employees during this period.

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