DyeRecycle: How to recycle colors

How to recycle colors

(Source: DyeRecycle)
(Source: DyeRecycle)

Addressing chemical circularity in the fashion and textile industry, DyeRecycle’s technology solves 2 of challenges facing the industry: dye pollution and textile waste. The start-up DyeRecycle, London/UK, has developed an innovative dyeing fibers technology using recycled dye from textile waste. The first step in the unique process allows dyes to be extracted from textile waste, leaving decolored fibers that can be reused or recycled. In the second step, the recovered dyes are used to dye new fibers. Thus, complete utilization of textile waste can be achieved. An integrated circular chemical technology to decolor textile waste and reuse old dyes is provided.
The company’s proprietary technology uses a unique liquid that selectively extracts dyes from colored waste fabrics without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals and transfer the dyes to a new fabric. The process eliminates the use of new dyes for the dyeing process, while enabling fiber-2-fiber recycling by providing decolored fiber. The liquid is recycled and reused in the process, making the process circular by design. Every garment dyed with DyeRecycle uses 85% less chemicals, 66% less water and generates 57% less carbon emissions.
The technology also has the capability to transform textile waste scraps into dyestuff powder turning to sustainable green chemistry to close the loop for dyes in the textile industry while also enabling fiber circularity. The service life of dyestuff to color new garments can be extended.

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