drapilux: Material makes space for….

Material makes space for….

 (Photo: Sharon Kisser)
(Photo: Sharon Kisser)

How can a fabric change space? Can textiles become a means of communication?

Interior designer Sharon Kisser is concerned with these questions. At the booth she designed for drapilux, a brand of the textile company Schmitz-Werke GmbH & Co. KG, Emsdetten/Germany, fabrics are to be made tangible in a new way.

Textiles have more to offer than just a beautiful appearance: intelligent additional functions of drapilux textiles can, for example, neutralize odors (drapilux air), reduce noise and sounds (drapilux akustik) and even reduce more than 99% of harmful bacteria on the textile surface (drapilux bioaktiv). The specially treated textiles also offer protection in the event of fire, as all drapilux fabrics are flame-retardant (drapilux flammstop).

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