Devan: Bio-based auxiliaries to support circu...

Bio-based auxiliaries to support circularity programs

Source: Devan
Source: Devan

Derived from vegetable oils and in line with the company’s latest innovations on bio-based chemistry, the supplier of specialty chemicals Devan Chemicals NV, Ronse/Belgium, recently added 2 more products to its range of bio-based textile finishes.

Passerelle Soft NTL is a durable softness technology based on vegetable ingredients. The technology is wash durable and can be used with natural fibers like hemp or cotton, but also with synthetic fibers like rPET or PA. The bio content of the technology is above 85% (ASTM D6866-20).

Passerelle Quick-Dry NTL is a moisture management technology also based on vegetable ingredients. This bio-based finish enables high wicking and evaporation capability which helps to evaporate water/sweat easier and faster. The technology is also > 60% (28 days) biodegradable according to OECD 301B.

Since 2019, the company has launched Bio-flam (a bio-based flame retardant), bio-based PCMs, a natural antimicrobial and plant-based fragrances.

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