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Dent Instrumentation

From family owned to employee owned

(Source: Dent Instrumentation)
(Source: Dent Instrumentation)

The specialist in non-contact yarn sensors, Dent Instrumentation, has become an employee-owned business following the formation of a new Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).
The company has been family owned since its founder Geoffrey Dent secured a patent for the very first non-contact yarn sensor in the 1960s. It has been successfully run by his son Andrew and the family for many years. The EOT structure will maintain the integrity of the business for years to come.
»This deal ensures a smooth succession as well as the preservation of the company’s core family values and the Dent Instrumentation name.«
Colin Hull, Managing Director, Dent Instrumentation
The reliability of sensors by Dent Instrumentation Ltd., Colne/UK, makes them integral to the yarn spinning and winding processes and they have become the standard throughout the textile industry. They are used by major manufacturers of textiles and textile machinery under either Dent or OEM machine builder brands.
The highly accurate sensors are effective at speeds as low as 3 m/min up to 8,000 m/min, and their detection response can be adapted to each individual unit according to customer requirements.
The ‘fit and forget’ sensors are extremely durable in all operating environments and encapsulated in epoxy resin to provide protection from spin finish, oil, wax, water and any other potential contaminants. A unique optical compensation system also contributes to ensuring very little cleaning is required.
The textile processes the sensors are developed for include those for filament yarns on machines for the high-speed winding of POY and FDY at high speeds, as well as elastomeric yarns etc. For DTY yarns, the company provides a sensor capable of operating over the full range of speeds and yarn counts, with wrap detection on take up rollers providing early warning of dangerous wraps.
For staple fiber operations, low cost and reliable sensors cover ring, open end (OE) and friction spinning machines, as well as assembly winding. Specially designed multi-position sensors are suitable for many creel applications and also twisting machines, particularly for glass fiber operations.

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