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Bringing textile production back to the USA

(Source: DenimFWD)
(Source: DenimFWD)

The new “Urban Factory” in California integrates technologies that transform the textile industry production model into one that is on-demand, close to the customer and sustainable, digital, and automated. The company for advanced manufacturing implementation DenimFWD, City of Industry, CA/USA, is changing the operating model and bringing back 15-25% of garment manufacturing production to the USA, initiating the reindustrialization process needed in the textile industry.
This is a big advance in the textile industry where 20% of garments produced are never used and end up in landfills or incinerated. Urban Factory is creating a complete transformation of the operating model in the denim industry. To do so DenimFWD has teamed up with Jeanologia, Paterna/Spain, as their expert technology partners.
DenimFWD’s Urban Factory minimizes delivery times and can produce up to 5,000 jeans and 4,000 t-shirts a day sustainably and efficiently. Its Eco-sustainable operating model for advanced digital production integrates Jeanologia hardware and software. These bring 5 fundamental benefits to the textile industry: being eco-efficient, scalable, agile, digital, and having a neutral cost: connecting designers, producers, and consumers.
Among the main Jeanologia technologies used by Urban Factory are laser, G2 Ozone, e-Flow, SmartBox, ColorBox, EIM (software for measuring environmental impact) and H2Zero (the first water treatment and recycling system that produces zero discharge without extra costs). According to the company, it will have the first active Handman in the US, allowing production automation with robots and humans to achieve agile, clean, and scalable production.
Also, eDesigner will give designers a tool for making digital designing easier, faster, and more dynamic since what they see on the screen is what they get in the finishing.
»With this Urban Factory the consumer will decide to buy a product and that product will be finished in that moment and delivered that same day, eliminating stock.«
Carlos Arias, CEO at DenimFWD

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