Datatex: IT solution for Argar srl

IT solution for Argar srl

(Source: Argar)
(Source: Argar)

An accurate, easy-to-use planning system is fundamental for a company to be organized, reliable and productive. If the company is well structured, and implements enterprise resource planning (ERP), it will be easier to manage the exceptions as they occur.
Since the accurate management of a complex supply chain is a key factor for Argar, in order to assure the compliance with all the safety protocols, the company  decided to adopt the Datatex ERP Solution suite. Among other modules they will implement the PDM (product data management), to collect and organize data related to the entire product life cycle and the CATS module, that maps defects in real time and suggests how to handle them.
Argar Srl, Magnago/Italy, is a knitting manufacturer whose certified knitted fabrics are used for the production of personal protective clothing, for professional (PPE), technical and sport use. The features of their fabrics are very specialized as they need to guarantee the safety of the user. In particular, they can be fireproof, antistatic and antibacterial, with high-visibility and protection from static electricity.
Datatex Inc., Alpharetta, GA/USA, is a leading supplier of IT software solutions for the global textile and apparel industry with customers in 45 countries and 5 continents.

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