Datacolor : Color Quality Control Application

Color Quality Control Application

(Source: Datacolor)
(Source: Datacolor)

A SaaS color quality control (QC) application, CloudQC Viewer, designed to assist color professionals with the evaluation of digital color samples from anywhere, at any time, has been beta-released by Datacolor.
The CloudQC Viewer application is part of the digital cloud platform from color management solutions supplier Datacolor AG, Zurich/Switzerland. It is a simple, user friendly, on-demand QC application for anyone looking to evaluate color digitally. This release can import QTX files, display color patches and colorimetric data, and allows collaboration on evaluation results. Future releases will include features like data storage and device connectivity. 
The CloudQC Viewer gives color generalists including users who have no digital color management processes in place, the freedom and ability to work wherever their color evaluation job takes them, whether at home, in the office or on the road.

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