Coloreel : Swedish innovation furthers circul...

Swedish innovation furthers circularity in the textile industry

(Source: Coloreel)
(Source: Coloreel)

On-demand thread coloring and fully recycled materials reduce the environmental impact of embroidery and make Coloreel a unique partner for sustainable clothing companies.
Nefco – Nordic Environment Finance Corporation, Helsinki/Finland, has signed a loan agreement with Coloreel to support its growth and expansion on global markets. The technology developed by Group AB, Jönköping/Sweden, will lead to positive environmental effects within the textile industry by minimizing thread waste, use of chemicals and wastewater.
With conventional embroidery machine, individual pre-colored reels of thread are used for each color. Coloreel’s unique, patented technology addresses this issue by using a single recycled polyester thread as input, thereby eliminating the need for pre-colored threads, which are a significant cause of wastewater pollution. The company’s on demand solution will also reduce the amount of wasted thread in the embroidery process.
»The Nefco financing will go a long way in supporting our international expansion. It is also a strong acknowledgement of the sustainability benefits we can offer the textile industry.«
Torbjörn Bäck, CEO, Coloreel

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